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Apparently, GBC/GBC Filmed Entertainment is the "FOX/20th Century Fox" Part of POE so from now on, My "Handwriting" logo from October 2015 will be used IN the POE, but my fox structure parody logos and everything related will remain OUTSIDE the POE.
Hello there random people, it's me Zackthetimelord. I just want to talk about something (Or someone). There is this user on this very site called "Mobiantasael", but all he does is post these new logos for official and actual companies. First of all, yes, I know he is being creative, but he's starting to force these new logos he did on to the companies. Me and HeFan1998 have been trying to get this guy to just settle down, but he's basically hyper about making new logos. Another thing is that he needs to improve his grammar (I am not trying to offend him), He spells "Made" as "Maded" and so on. To be honest, I really think that this guy should take it easy on what he is doing.
Fox Hollywood City Hills by ZackthetimelordRBLX
Fox Hollywood City Hills
Taken from the Vipid Fox logo and edited with MS Paint and Gimp.
This is free to use, and crediting is optional.
I do NOT own 20th Century Fox or Vipid. 20th Century Fox is owned by 21st Century Fox (Formerly News Corporation). Vipid is owned by themselves.
I'm a little bored so I guess I will share a few facts about me.
1: My dad introduced me to the Blender 3D Program way back in 2008/9?
2: I first saw the 1994 20th Century Fox logo on TV back in 2007. This was the first Fox logo I've ever seen and the structure looked like it was real-life filmed that I got a little scared, but shortly after I started to get obsessed with it.
3: Zack Productions was founded in 2011. Logos before the 2013 logo were "Universal" based.
4: Nowadays I don't play ROBLOX often.... :/
Hello there random Logo fans and Deviantartists. I am having a vote for my parodied "20th Century Fox" logo to appear at the start of a Webseries. So, I ask you:
Which Zack Productions logo do you want to see at the beginning of :icontheultratroop:'s "Poorly Animated Shorties" Episode 4?
The 2013 logo (With a bit of a colour revision) (Original version can be seen here:…)


A Blender Revised version made entirely from scratch.

Post in the comments on which you will vote on.


ZackthetimelordRBLX's Profile Picture
Welcome to the Official Deviantart page of The Zack Productions ROBLOX Film Corporation.
You will see:
Microsoft sam Stuff
Blender Logo Stuff
Also, Credit to Rama Dani Syafriyar for His Very Very Awesome Logos.
:iconethan1986media: :The guy that made the best fox logos in the whole Fox universe. Also my age.
:iconangrybirdsfan2003: :A logo remaker/modifier who is apparently my age.
:iconrdsyafriyar2000: :His logos are pretty realistic, made my 2007 TCF dream logo look very awesome.
:iconrodster1014: :He is a Deviantian i used to Visit for Good 20th Century Fox logos when i didn't have a account.
:iconsupermariojustin4: :Cool Windows paint artist And good logo Parody Remaker.
:iconicepony64: :Realistic fox logo Remaker like RDS.
:icontheultratroop: :A Awesome friend and artist, He also does some big logo remakes, Check them out!
:iconsuperbaster2015: :A modeler who puts very good effort and detail into his logo remakes.
:iconblueace76: :A "Old" friend from 2015.
:iconzackcostelloplz: :A "plz" icon of me....

Blocked users:
My website:…

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How did you get the squares in your logo?
What squares? Oh, the 3 gold bars. I was going to use 1 "I" but Vipid would only limit me to the minimum of 3 letters, resulting in "III".
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I made that request you gave me, which was Father.blend1 as Tourettes Guy.
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Guess what: I am making the Vipid fox logo.
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